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Langenfeld is a professional sales organization unlike any other. No one else can match our levels of experience, industry expertise, and category coverage. Hardware, home center, farm/agricultural, mass merchant, industrial, retail… no one knows the channels like we do. But what makes us truly unique is our comprehensive package of services that not only drives sales, but adds value for our clients and their customers.

Corporate Sales

Langenfeld is the sales organization you would build if you were creating your own sales team from scratch. Our experienced corporate-level sales team is on a first name basis with the key buying influences in the marketplace and has earned enviable reputations for integrity and service. We have intimate knowledge of the products we represent and the channels we serve. We have longstanding relationships at every level of the companies we sell to and are viewed as valued partners in their success. And most importantly, we have the proven ability to drive sales and revenue.

In Store Sales

In the retail hardware, and farm/agriculture channels, our national field sales force call on member stores to pull sales through the chain and help retailers with their merchandising activities. Our field associates are true professionals, possessing extensive experience and impressive industry credentials. Most have also worked in manufacturing and retail environments, giving them an insight into the industry few others can offer.

Internet Sales

Our e-commerce group can help you harness the awesome selling power of the internet. While online sales offer tremendous opportunities for revenue growth, it requires specialized knowledge and technical expertise to turn potential into bottom-line results. Our e-commerce team has the experience and know-how to help you plan, implement and sustain a winning web-based sales approach.

Influencing the touchpoint in the eCommerce channel is becoming more and more important on a daily basis.  Over $.64 of every dollar spent in brick and mortar retail stores is digitally influenced so controlling how your product and brand is positioned online is more important than ever.  That in conjunction with the rapid growth of eCommerce makes investing in this channel critical to your going to market strategy.  Please reach out to our team to learn more about how we can help you in this channel.

Marketing Services

At Langenfeld, we work closely with our clients to aggressively promote their products. Our marketing services department can create a vast array of communications designed to produce bottom-line results… special promotions, flyers, brochures, ads and direct mail to name a few. We also offer blast-fax capability for instant notification of sales, discounts, new pricing and other special programs.

With the prevalence of social media and the move to smartphones, even customers who still prefer to purchase in brick and mortar stores have drastically changed their shopping habits. Many people routinely check first to see what others are saying about the brand and the product online.  Our goal is to influence that message in a way that helps our clients and customers sell more.

Electronic Sales Reporting

Our store-level sales team is equipped with state of the art smart-phone and IPads, offering wireless data collection, analysis and reporting. Web based and real-time, our system permits photos, merchandising information, verifications and reports to be instantly uploaded for analysis and client review.

Project Management

We employ sophisticated project management systems and software to keep programs and projects running smoothly. And our people have the experience and industry know-how to track the critical details and maintain schedules. Clients are kept up-to-date through a continuous flow of custom-designed reports.

Customized Services

Our extensive service offering is what makes us unique. We can provide expert category leadership skills to help optimize our clients’ sales, service, marketing and operations. We work closely with retail store personnel, providing merchandising assistance and product and technical training. We provide comprehensive trade show management from administrative functions, to booth setup, product sales and booth teardown. In short, there is no limit to the service level we bring to our client and customer relationships.
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Langenfeld Media

langenfeld media logoConsumers are using smart phones and tablets more than ever to make retail purchase decisions. Today $.64 of every retail dollar spent is influenced by digital interaction. Langenfeld Media is dedicated to bringing manufacturers, retailers, and consumers together through engagement in digital media. Our goal is to optimize marketing efforts by integrating results-driven campaigns with complex marketing initiatives that exceed brand expectations. Manufacturers can reach retailers directly through our call center, e-fax, and email campaigns. In addition, our social media team uses multiple platforms to reach retailers and consumers directly.

Social Media is also the modern day comment card. Clients who subscribe to our social media management program also receive 24/7 monitoring of social media through our Langenfeld Media software. This enables our Social Media team to see and respond to social media comments about clients or their products in real time. Our monitoring software also allows us to monitor our client’s competitors to do market research and help in product development.