6 Fundamentals of In-Store Retail Marketing

Many brick-and-mortar retailers often feel like they can’t be relevant, competitive, or fresh in the eyes of today’s consumers. However, in-store retail has just as much potential, and it all comes down to knowing your consumers. Below are some tips & reminders from our Langenfelders!

Understand your customer

  • Understand your customers’ identities and clearly focus on their needs. This is marketing 101, but often we forget our fundamentals. Sometimes, instead of focusing on the newest, latest-and-greatest product, focus on the product that suits their interests and needs. The oldies aren’t the goodies for nothing!

Generate excitement and desire

  • We eat with our eyes and we buy with our eyes. You can bake the best tasting cake, but if the decor is bland and boring then nobody wants to buy it. EAL encourages creativity by using endcaps to excite customers and give them ideas on how to use the products. According to SBXL, “70% of in-store communication is visual.” Creating an enticing endcap and defeating the competition can be as simple as creating a clear & concise display of promotions and keeping all items neatly in-stock.

Train your employees

  • An employee who knows the product will sell the product. Customers will, understandably, shy away from products and services they don’t know or understand. Customers rely on and come back time and time again if they know they can get assistance and even installation advice from knowledgeable salespeople.

Place with a purpose

  • Displays should be placed with a purpose. Pay attention to seasonal and year-round items. Featuring bug spray in the winter months will not be as effective as displaying bags of road salt. We understand your customer preferences tend to vary. This will have an impact on purchase behavior.  Displaying a product near complimentary products can be a huge boost to sales as well.

Brand blocking

  • Brand blocking at the shelf creates a destination for a brand and increases the likelihood of a return visit to restock. Not only do you want to group your brand together, you also want to focus on a horizontal display. Setting products on the shelf horizontally is the best practice because our eyes naturally flow in this direction. This gives the customer a smoother shopping experience to decide on the best product for themselves in the quickest about of time.


  • Invest in the presentation of your store. A messy, disorganized store will turn customers away, discouraging them to come back. Make sure your store is:
    • Clean
    • Well-lit
    • Stocked
    • Organized

Whether you’ve been in the retail business for years, or you’re just getting your feet wet, you can always revisit these simple tips to increase store sales.

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