Driving Sales & Enriching Brands

We believe that in order to truly make a difference as a SALES AND MARKETING ORGANIZATION we must influence the touchpoint.  Our success depends on working as a team to ensure that our customer’s product is properly positioned on the store floor and ready for sale.

For over 50 years we have focused our efforts to ensure that our clients products are presented properly on the shelf.  We pride ourselves on driving sales and enriching brands within the following channels: hardware, home center, farm and ranch, eCommerce & industrial.

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Driving Sales, Enriching Brands
Offering unrivaled expertise in sales, marketing, information, and in store services.


We believe that success in retail is driven not only by what happens with the corporate merchant but by what happens at the store level as well.  Our dedicated sales team has excellent working relationships with the key buying influences at all levels:

Field Sales

Focused on the nation’s most successful hardware and farm/ranch retailers. Our dedicated hardware field sales team visits thousands of stores annually to ensure that our clients products are in stock, merchandised properly, and presented with current marketing collateral.  This team is managed through Salesforce.com which allows us to streamline promotions and presentations in the field using a consistent message.

National Sales

Our National Sales team is focused on the top retail chains within the hardware and farm channels to represent our clients brands with a focus on product placement and ensuring plan-o-gram integrity.

Corporate Sales

Corporate Sales is driven by a focus to professionally represent our clients at the corporate level of the nations top retailers.  This dedicated team works to bring new products to market, manage programs and ensure successful trade show execution all while driving sales at the touchpoint by communicating with the Field Sales team through Salesforce.com.   Our Corporate Sales team is focused on the Hardware, Home Center, Farm & Ag, eCommerce, and Industrial channels.

Customer Service

Our team of trained and dedicated customer service representatives is available for stores to place orders, request product information, or submit quote requests.  Powered by Salesforce.com our customer service team has store level information right at their fingertips to ensure our clients and customers are taken care of.

International Sales

Working day to day with our customers top exporters our international team can sell programs dedicated to international customers as well as help sell overstock/discontinued goods.


We also influence the touchpoint by engaging with customers and consumers through Langenfeld Media.  The Langenfeld Media team shares the same mission as the sales team: to ensure our clients products reach the store floor with the proper marketing collateral to convince the consumer to purchase.  We achieve this mission through:

Email campaigns
We have over 5,000+ store emails and conduct individual email campaigns as well as communicate upcoming show promotions via email

Sales Lead Management
Our outbound call center team conducts over 125,000 conversations annually to sell assortments, promotions and communicate trade show opportunities.

Fax Campaigns
We know that some of our customers still prefer to communicate via fax.  As a result we also influence the touchpoint by conducting campaigns featuring new items and trade show promotions to over 8,000+ fax numbers.

Social Media
At the other end of the technology spectrum is our Langenfeld Media page on Facebook.  We utilize this tool to demonstrate our ability to influence the touchpoint at the store level and show our customers some of the best practice ways to merchandise and sell our client’s products.


At E.A. Langenfeld we are powered by Salesforce.com.  Our CRM system in conjunction with our field team allows us to collect data at the store level, consolidate that data and report back to our customers and clients.  We provide tools for information/data collection and analysis, which results in insightful data for critical thinking and decision making.  Whether you are preparing for a line review or gathering market share information we can help you accomplish your goals.

In Store Services

We offer a unique approach to in store retail execution with services designed for the store, shelf, and shopper. By coupling Langenfeld’s sales, marketing, and information services with TouchPoint 360’s in store execution, we’re able to build a comprehensive model that allow us to influence the touchpoint.